Ezine Review: King of Fighters: Orochi Saga

Ezine writes:

"Taking the King of Fighters titles as a collective entity, there is a lot of value contained within, I discovered. Playing through what's called the 'Orochi Saga', starting with KoF '94, you can see how the series has taken steps to evolve over the yearly entries. Ranging from the preset teams to choose from in the '94 edition, to the ability to create your own in '95, and the overall awesomeness of the '98 edition, it seems SNK Playmore took notice year after year regarding what the fans wanted to see in the next edition. King of Fighters '95 might start with the message "The event shall be conducted as the previous one", implying the title is exactly the same as '94, but I actually discovered the experience surpasses it in spades. From the combat to the graphics, each year feels new compared to the prior, and when you add in the many, MANY different characters contained in each release then you have more reasons to replay. Even if you only play as Mai...."

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