The 10,000 Club: Get your GamerScore past 5 digits

The Xbox 360 brought with it a unique new feature that has renewed the addiction factor for gamers everywhere - Gamer-Score. Within every single 360 game, there are a series of tasks to be performed that will earn you points. The tasks vary, the number of points for each task vary too, but the simple pursuit of them is enough to keep players glued to their screens for hours, despite the fact that it's all ultimately meaningless!

With most games carrying 1000 points to earn (some have more, a few have less), there are some that will take you an age to finish, and some that you can deal with incredibly quickly. There are even some that you may never finish (like Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, which rewards players for being No 1 on the worldwide leader boards). The following games will allow players looking to increase their score a chance to earn up to 10,000 points without being put under too much pressure, and what's more, you won't even have to do any online play to get them!

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mistajeff3528d ago

When you reach 10,000, you get a free year of Live!

Yeah, no.. that'd be so sweet though. When I bought my 360 I retardedly thought gamerscore WAS MS points, and that you could buy arcade games with points you earned from achievements. How AWESOME would that be? I never even imagined that MS would have a payment system as hopelessly stupid as MS points. Well, stupid on our end.. for every $5 add-on you wanna buy you have to pay more than that to get a pack of 500 points. Kinda feels like a cheap way of charging extra for DLC.. but it's sweet when your leftover points total an amount that can actually get you something.
I wish they'd give gamerscore and trophy levels a purpose. Until then they both need an option to disable those god-awful notifications that shatter any immersion and constantly remind you that you're playing a game, not enjoying an experience.