Apocalypse Now: Why the end is always nigh in video games

Gamebosh: "You only have to glance at some recent releases to get a sense of humanity's impending doom: Disaster: Day of Crisis, Resident Evil 5 and F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin clearly signal that the end of the world is something prevalent in modern thinking. Sure, we may think on the surface that it's cool to have a Mad Max-style apocalyptic hero fighting mutants or zombies in deserted, crushed cities, but any form of entertainment always hides a subtext - in this case our fear of modern warfare, of technology going out of control, or chemically engineered diseases.

Or maybe it is just fun to shoot stuff in a version of our world where the rules have changed and mankind must survive on his wits rather than his TomTom and Blackberry. After all, when the world has gone to pieces and the skyscrapers have toppled, what's another grenade or two going to hurt?"

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