DLC: Hurting or helping gaming?

Is DLC a good or a bad thing? That depends on who you ask. While some might love the fact that their favorite games can be expanded through a simple download, others see the practice of releasing new modes and maps as an excuse for leaving content out of the retail copy. While DLC certainly is a double-edged sword, a lot of the content that developers release is met with unadulterated scorn and hatred. While there are a number of content add-ons that fully deserve this treatment, it's unfortunate to see worthwhile paid DLC receive backlash from angry gamers.

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Frnicatr3480d ago

Helping, when the game content is new and fresh, not the same old thing that came with the game already.

Hurting, when the game content is already on the disc and we're paying for keys to unlock that crap.

KenAdamsNSA3480d ago

Care to explain your reasoning?

XLiveGamer3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Yes please explain because i know you are a wise(*cough) person.

DLC is not hurting gaming is the developers decision that its screwing your wallet.
Example of that is Resident Evil 5 Co-op DLC.
Those who downloaded that content deserve it.

andyo133480d ago

especially when you have to download the stuff (lbp) in every udpate and then you're made to pay for something thats taking up your hard drive. Even worse was need for speed under cover. crap game, crap programing, same day it launched they had pages of downloadable content. pointless crap like car paint.

why do these companies try and charge us for a virtual t-shirt, shoes, pants, skin, car, weapon, maps.

its milking, i hate it. Personally im never ever going to pay for dlc on the online store 60$ used to be 100% of the game, since when was a t-shirt the equalivant to 5% of the game.

Slinger4203480d ago

All I have to say is Zombie Verruckt for the mother F***ing win.


In short;YOU like it and are willing to pay to experience more.
And long;You feel like what you are paying for could have been included,or free.
Then obvious; it's here,it is staying.Some will pay willingly,some will not.Some companies will exploit it,some will refrain........for now.DLC is and will become the PPV of gaming, progression as it were.I am not a supporter but in the end,progression waits for who?

TheDeadMetalhead3480d ago

Killzone 2 - Two (I think two) new maps for free - GOOD.

Resident Evil 5 - It's already on the disc, and it costs $6.95 - BAD.