Blade and Soul might benefit the PS3 even more than Killzone 2 or God of War III.

TGO: "If NCsoft manage to pull it off, this game might not just revolutionize MMOs on consoles, it might revolutionize MMOs altogether."

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Deviant3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

so is this definetly coming to the ps3 ?

Edit :
"The Hard Facts:
Fact 1: The game has not yet been officially announced for the PS3"


MAiKU3479d ago

Well if it is for ps3, this is relevant to my interests then.

- Ghost of Sparta -3479d ago

Blade & Soul is only confirmed for the PC.

InfectedDK3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

I hope these questions will soon be answered.
It has been a long time since Sony announced the exclusive deal with NCsoft. So some game announcements would be awesome. Blade and Soul? Aion? I don't care as long as the games coming to the PS3 are as good as their best games. But it would be odd it the games coming to the PS3 would be totally different games wouldn't it? And Blade and Soul looks to be a very serious attempt to make a really great game. Looks awesome.

7thNightvolley3479d ago

i am abit shocked its on the uE3 coz it looks beautiful well as far as MMO are concern its something i am so looking forward to in playing ..

INehalemEXI3479d ago

It's good to see this game getting attention. I will play it on PC if it does not end up on PS3 too. This would be nice to have on the PS3 HDD though.

ThanatosDMC3479d ago

Sometimes... a trailer like this makes me want to see a random Super Saiyan Broly to show up and own and kill everybody. I hate show offs in MMOs they're such annoying pricks cuz they're powerful.

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3479d ago
jBat173479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

and it looka playable using a controller.. it's on my watch list now..

not confirmed for the ps3 but there's the exclusive deal with Sony which tells me xbots don't even have a chance

when is it out?

RoyBoys3479d ago

DUDE! This is like an Action/Adventure MMORPG. It is a new genre!!!

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ruibing3479d ago

I just love the art style. Its the same Korean artist that did it for Magna Carta.

Perjoss3479d ago

I was most impressed with character animations, there really isn't many mmo titles with good character animation.

ButterToast3479d ago


I never even heard of this game before. hope it makes it to PS3 because I know my computer can't handle it. It would also be great if they let you use a USB mouse and keyboard on the PS3.

I'm definitely keeping a close eye on this one!

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Shendow3479d ago

I don't know about the KZ2 or GOW2 part but the game does look good and it would help the makers make more money if they did put it on something other then PC. Why go for 1Mill when you can go for 2Mill or more.

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