Dead Space: Where's The Scare? writes: "Where's the scare? Well, I'm not quite sure. Dead Space isn't quite horror, and it isn't quite survival, either. In an obvious attempt to revive the genre, it hits a bizarre middle ground; too many clichés and too much ammo make it difficult to be truly terrified. Yet with that said, EA's third-person shooter has its occasional scares, it's occasional "oh shit!" and its occasional "what the fuck!?" -- it's just too bad that you'll probably find these in your usual daily soap opera, too."

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Flipgeneral3478d ago

But it's definitely not in the horror genre at all. RE5 has turned the iconic RE-scare-you-to-your-bones franchise into an action one.

I have to disagree with the author. Dead Space was great, it was suspenseful to me, and a very polished and well thought out game.

GameOn3478d ago

Dead Space is much more up my street than Resi. I'm into space stuff. I aint a Treky tho.

be_wrong3478d ago

re5's great but it wasn't scary let alone that it was just guns blazing left to right, even re1-4 wasn't that scary. i think dead space hit the mark and it's really a under appriciated game.

gaffyh3477d ago

Dead Space = More survival horror than RE5, RE5 was not scary in the least.

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Red Pill3478d ago

REmake on gamecube, 'nuff said.

Arsenic133478d ago

That gave me 6 months of nightmares when i was young.

Red Pill3478d ago

Yeah re5's really good. Not scary though.

reddybrek3478d ago

Dead Space is fun, but not scary.

kalistyles3478d ago

I just finished Dead Space. Although it wasn't super scary, it did have its moments. Its one of the better games in its genre to come out in a while. I liked it a lot. The best think about the game though is its controls. They were really good. I gave the game a 9 out of 10.

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