NIS Review: Rhythm Heaven

Nine Inch Sandwich writes:

"The game is played book-style (think Brain Age) and everything is done with the touch screen (well, there is one instance where you have to use the R button). Gameplay is broken down into a series of short mini-games where you must poke and flick at the touch screen in time with the rhythm. The aesthetics of the mini-games are where you can definitely tell that the WarioWare team was at work. The scenarios are just completely absurd. One game involves two doo-wop singing moai statues and another features a ninja dog cutting his way through… vegetables. After completing 4 mini-games, the game challenges you with a Remix Stage that combines and rearranges them to a new song.

The game rates you on your performance. Depending on how well you did and how many mistakes you made, the game will assign you either a Superb, OK, Just Ok, and Try Again. The first three allow you to proceed onto the next mini-game but as it's name implies, Try Again means giving the current game another go. Earning a Superb rating on a mini-game does two things: It gets you a medal that can be used to unlock bonus games and it opens the game up for a Perfect challenge where you can attempt to clear the mini-game without messing up once."

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