Killzone 2 DLC will be free

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that first person shooter Killzone 2 new multiplayer game fields receive. The expansion in the Netherlands made PlayStation 3 game from April 30th for free download.

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Sir Ken_Kutaragi5164d ago

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||___||....||___||..||...... ||..||......\\....
||......\\...||.....\\..||... . ||..||.......||....
||.......||..||......||..||__ _||..||___//...
;-D ;-D ;-D

jBat175163d ago (Edited 5163d ago )

RRoD is as guaranteed as catching a std from a hooker. that's free too

but this is good free.. i doubt it, though

yz2505163d ago

not everyone is as cheap as psn users :)

ravinshield5163d ago

all ya mexicans shut the f*** up

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lociefer5164d ago

OMG GG/SONY , u guys are rolemodels for the gaming industry, now M$ , try to support gaming not abuse it

InfectedDK5164d ago

I haven't even bought this game yet.
Great to see free content, I'm buying it soon.
Well I would have bought it anyway but still great with free stuff.
I guess it's some "Sony thing".. We just get the free stuff sometimes.

BrunoM5164d ago (Edited 5164d ago )

i play these game almost every day and i must say free maps kick asss lol...

and i really think "FREE" is a sony thing lol.. nice to see they are giving back kinda sucks wen a game comes out and 3 to 4 weeks after thres DLC you got to pay for thats not right so ya love it ..

IdleLeeSiuLung5164d ago (Edited 5164d ago )

Awesome! When I heard two maps as a DLC, I though, great now they are going to rip us off at $10 for 2 maps instead of the usual 4. To my surprise they are giving it away free!!!

Way to go Sony! We still need a better source though as that doesn't seem official enough....

myothercar5164d ago

Yeah, doesn't sound official. "The packet is from April 30 in the PlayStation Store and is offered free to download, as was Sony Computer Entertainment announced Friday." I'm sorry, but Sony didn't make an announcement yesterday about it being free- just that it was coming.

fishd5164d ago

Is this source credible?I thought it was from playstation blog...

Domenikos5164d ago

OMFG... you did it again SONY...

The Hunter5164d ago (Edited 5164d ago )

This was posted yesterday at the time when it was announced, also when the pressrelease with the date was confirmed. They have the same pressrelease as us ( and it was not stated if it is free or payed content. Also Sony or Guerrilla Games has not announced anything, so dont have high expectations guys!!

Bren865164d ago

They had no choice but make it free. The game slacking big time online.

vickers-5005164d ago

I think it's fair, considering how few maps are in there in the first place.


quality title + quality bonus content FTW.

Quality> quantity

boodybandit5164d ago

Hats off to GG and Sony!
I hope it's true. I am not a fan of the nickel and diming this generation of gaming has brought us.

GameGambits5164d ago

If it's true then Capcom needs to take a note. Microsoft needs to take a note. Every game company needs to take a note.

This is how DLC should be done.


damn i would like them to make a sniper only level on a stage like "flower", give you the ability to make your own camo, add silencers.

that would be so ill to go prone in the Flower grass, cap a fool then go climb a tree and murk another victim....after seeing flower im stunned by this idea

evrfighter5164d ago

good for gamers actually (IF this is true). Looks like someone was taking notes from Valve on how to keep customers happy.

rambi805163d ago

leave it to sony to reverse a trend that was against gamers. DLC was really starting to become exploitation to the point that i was being mocked by some PC gamers who normally get stuff like this FREE.

Are we paying attention MS?

Why dis5163d ago

No one will buy it still...

TheDude2dot05163d ago


Both bo and ner are not words. Silly goose.

Mo0eY5163d ago

You can't buy free, dumbass.

Can you buy air? Stupid.

dru8885163d ago

GG is the best. They should be an example to other devs

aksmashh5163d ago

& I Didn't Even Go To Church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5163d ago
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irish-leprecaun5164d ago

i make all three apear with a click of a finger.

PirateThom5164d ago

If true, awesome. There's no price better than free.

Rock Bottom5164d ago

Apparently, someone think there's a better price.

BrunoM5164d ago

What can you do theres some people that you just can not help ...

boodybandit5164d ago (Edited 5164d ago )

It's a long fly ball deep into center field.
It's going.
It's going.
That ball is outta here! (<- a little Harry Callas imitation)

Disagrees for saying nothing is better than free?
Wow that is a new low even for the bottom feeders.

back on topic.
I have been so into SFIV that I haven't touched Killzone 2 in nearly a month. Every time I go to play it I say I know I can do that hard trial challenge with </insert character here>.

It's not that KZ2 isnt that good it's just I am a SF fanatic and I have been up to my ears with shooters this gen. I needed the break but I am starting to miss it.

If anything will get me back to the game this map pack will. Hopefully I will be done with the SFIV challenges by then. ;)

Oh well back to the challenges in SFIV I go.

kesvalk5163d ago

soooooo, 4 ppl really think that there is a better price than free? O.o

the world is crazy!!!!
and full of ppl that like to pay for things and to disagree with other... go figure

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