Play it safe with the Wii Safe Sports Pack

Avoid Wii Sports foul ups with a safe, spongy alternative to Wii gaming accessories. If you're looking for a kid-friendly, or klutz-friendly, alternative to tennis, baseball bat and golf club Wii accessories, the Safe Sports Pack offers some spongy security.

Instead using of the typical hard plastic material, the Safe Sports Pack accessories are layered in a soft and durable spongy material. The pack comes with a Soft Tennis Racket, Soft Golf Club, Soft Baseball Bat, and a grip which you can lock any of those on to while holding your Wii Remote. Having the grip separate makes it easy to switch up the gear, as well as helps in easy storage.

See pictures of what's included in the Safe Sports Pack.

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irish-leprecaun3481d ago

get some nuts!!
who needs to play safe!

Shnazzyone3481d ago

So I guess if you were dumb enough to need sports clip on junk to make it feel "realistic". Now you have been deemed so dumb you are now no longer permitted to wield hard plastic.

what a waste of money these things are... worse then that 1.5 foot light saber snap-on they sell at gamestop. Whatever happened to imagination... and common sense for that matter.