Nintendo ready to revive the Japanese market - Iwata reports -

Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata believes his company is ready to rescue the Japanese videogame market from decline, despite falling Wii sales in the country.

"The Japanese market is not very strong right now overall," Iwata told the Wall Street Journal, "so we need to do something to re-energise it."

Iwata was not responding to lacklustre Wii sales in Japan, but to the yearly decline of game sales across the region - around 18 per cent last year.

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Fierce Musashi3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Sounds very heated. Let's see if the Big N can pull it off. This year should be interesting.

ChickeyCantor3529d ago


Iwata, less talk more action pleeaaazeeee.

=) can't wait for E3.

PotNoodle3529d ago

If it isn't strong, why are they buying the most expensive console? :|

Xander-RKoS3529d ago

I'm pretty sure that's not what he is talking about. The whole market itself has taken a loss, so it doesn't really matter if people get the most expensive one because there are less people overall buying games and consoles.

Trollimite3529d ago

all they have to do is realese new color sku. end of story. i dont know why it works but it does.

N4g_null3528d ago

It's not like the PS3 is selling 100k more than the Wii and it's doing number slightly above what is normally does. Another thing is the economy hits the middle and lower class harder. People are still making money over there and it's mostly the high end jobs. That is not like a lot of people though.

It's possible that these guys that bought the PS3s already have a Wii. The PS3 is finaly geting some notable 2d games.

kws10653529d ago

N will not accept the industry without N in 1st place lol

hatchimatchi3529d ago

i think more quality control on 3rd party games, and complete overhauls of their old franchises.

Mario galaxy is great, it feels like any other 3d mario game but it plays completely different with the gravity and all. Now hopefully nintendo can do the same thing with starfox, fzero, mariokart (double dash was brilliant, hopefully the new mario kart will throw in something like that) and especially zelda.

I have high hopes for new 1st party support. Hopefully new ip's also, and more 1st party games made with wii fit in mind.

hatchimatchi3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

lol, a disagree

over what?

yes, making nintendo franchises better is definitely a bad thing...


N4g_null3528d ago

Double dash sucked! Even the DS mario kart was better than that game.

I think the people would like more new super mario bros. I'm fine with what they are doing though. If they make some thing for me then lucky them I buy it. If not then that is not a problem.

3d mario is missing some things still. It would be nice if zelda was more like the snes version though. Hey let them do what they will though. Most of you wouldn't even play the franchise you list from nintendo. I mean when is the last time you played f zero or star fox? They are on the VC also.

Nintendo is fine maybe grown ups [old fans that are bitter] don't like them any more but who cares.

Nintendo is trying to address bigger problems, gamer retention is not solely their problem.

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