A Playstation 3 Pricecut Could Cripple Sony So Stop Asking For It - PushSquare

Twiggy, PushSquare columnist writes:

""Hello, I'm the editor of a small multiplatform video game blog and I'm still in high-school." - these are not the words of this particular mystery columnist known as Twiggy, more the words of every other no-name blog I seem to stumble upon. Such words are usually penned in invisible ink prior to the radically uninformed, but nonetheless factually presented, "Sony need to cut the price of the Playstation 3 because Sony need to make more people buy one because Sony need more developers because Sony need…" - you get the idea, valued reader.

I beg the question - do any of these self-titled digital rag tappers have any understanding of the inner-workings of Sony as a company?"

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meepmoopmeep3477d ago

Twiggly "I beg the question - do any of these self-titled digital rag tappers have any understanding of the inner-workings of Sony as a company?"

he must work for Sony

get2sammyb3477d ago

And thus we have the reasoning of a devoid N4Ger that doesn't read the source article and can't, in the very least, gain an opinion on the arguments presented and discuss them logically.


all i read was:

people who cant aford a ps3 are STILL crying like babies

DrWan3477d ago

100 dollar price cut? not worth the wait,100 dollar is not that much money

get2sammyb3476d ago

Well it is, but I see what you're getting at.

mac4u103477d ago

face its sony you need to cut yr price i just brought a 360 pre with one extra controller and two games for all for £169.99

get2sammyb3476d ago

That's nice for you. Enjoy the hardware while it lasts.

Honestly, I know the consumer doesn't care, but the XBOX is cheaper for a reason.

nefertis3477d ago

Im glad I own a ps3 you get more bang for your buck. I guess when those first party titles comeout some gamers will be wishing they own a ps3. I agree sony thinks about the future in long term why can't some gamers get it through there thick heads. Theres no rush for sony to lower the ps3 because they will be losing billions again and that won't be a wise decision on there part. Some ps3 gamers are throwing tantrums like my 8yr old son because sony won't lower the ps3.

get2sammyb3476d ago

It boggles my mind why people who own one care at all. Some people use the argument that developers are going to drop the PS3 if the userbase isn't large enough -- but honestly, have we seen any evidence at all for that yet?

nefertis3476d ago

I care so much because u got some gamers who is spreading propaganda about the ps3 price range saying it won't succeed because of this. I will agree though M$ has its advantages like milking as much money they can out of majority uneducated gamers which will keep buying expensive accessories for the 360 or keep buying new 360 systems because of broke ones. I sold my 360 for a ps3 ever sense then I haven't regret it. The last I check third party developers are bring there full support for the ps3, I don't know where u here that developers will drop the ps3. Oh I forgot u live in 360 world.

get2sammyb3476d ago

Developer's aren't going to drop the PS3. I agree with you. I also sold my 360 for a PS3 so I'm not entirely sure where you're coming from.

And I agree with all the other points you made too, I was just furthering what you were saying really -- I really don't see why people who already own a system care if the price gets dropped.

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