How Sony Can Afford 3rd Place (And How it Can Improve) "The Playstation 3 hasn't exactly seen a rough 2.5 years since it's release in November 2006. It's games development matches the activity bursting around it - when there are no games, the console appears to be traveling through some kind of trial by fire in the arid desert of console judgment. When the exclusives do hit, activity surges in both the offline retail sales (Metal Gear Solid 4) and online multiplayer matches (Killzone 2).

"However, it's a truth that needs to be faced, sooner rather than later that though the Playstation 3 market share is good it's nowhere near what the Playstation 2 sold in the same time. It's not a simple case of prices. For example, the PS2 didn't have a robust online service like the Xbox did with LIVE but it trounced Microsoft (and Nintendo) all the same. Sony has brought forth the only free console multi-player service this generation and yet, it still trails behind the Xbox 360 and Wii in units sold. How is it then that Sony can afford to stay strong?"

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soul899er3481d ago

>_> can we stop this? We are having more flamebait articles almost every hour, what the hell are the mods doing?

Nike3481d ago

Because it's not a flamebait article? It's based on Nielsen's amended survey on market shares of all 3 consoles, i believe.

TheAntiFanboy3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

It's not in third place. There's no such thing as third place. All that matters is that it's a good console, it's making sales, it's successful, Sony's making money off of it, games are being made for it, and it deserves all of the praise it gets.

The sales are irrelevant. The quality is what matters. And as it stands, the PS3, 360, and Wii are the finest game consoles thus far... nostalgia notwithstanding.

iHEARTboobs3481d ago

Just keep delivering the awesome games and i'm good.

SoapShoes3481d ago

The PS3 might not be in the same position market wise as the PS2 2.5 years after release but it is, IMO, far ahead of PS2 in terms of games after 2.5 years.

unrealgamer583481d ago

seem to forget is that the ps3 is at a higher price and if you track 360 sells year to year with ps3 sells year to year youll see that the ps3 is selling the same the only reason the ps3 is behind because they released a year aftrr the release of the 360

SoapShoes3481d ago

It has sold more than the 360 on an annual basis. Not by a whole lot, but it has. PS3 is doing just fine in terms of sells, but not for the idiots in this world.

People have just been waiting for this forever and I don't know why. People since the PS1 era have been waiting for Sony to fall and now they take such glee in PS3 not selling double the amount of the Wii and it's disgusting! I don't get the hate for Sony, they make great electronics. I'm an old Sega fanboy, but I never held a grudge against Sony.

Nike3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )


Ravi (the author and my colleague) knows that quite well, but then like Sony's lethargy in advertising, it's very well known already. It's an acknowledged fact. The article's main focus is how the PS3 is a completely different beast from the PS2 but also a versatile one - given the right bent of marketing, it can attract multiplayer fans, family friendly crowds, those looking for high-def entertainment and many more.


Which a proves another point - it's not about PS2 competing with PS3 in terms of quantity versus quality but rather that they're two different machines. A different (and many times, better) experience can usually be found on the PS3 these days for certain genres (except for RPGs) than on the PS2.

TheAntiFanboy3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Part of the reason behind that is because the PS3 was introduced when everyone was acclimated to the 7th generation of gaming.

When 360 first came out, no one knew what it was, there were supply issues, and a lot of people were scared to invest in something that was completely foriegn to them. Plus, the Xbox brand name isn't as well known, since Microsoft is relatively new to the gaming market. But people slowly warmed up to the 360, its higher price point, and its level of technology, which made it much easier to shift into the PS3 when it first came out, thus allowing Sony to make more sales at launch.

Also consider that some people were afraid to let go of consoles from previous generations. The 360 back then was more of a luxury than a necessity. Now that all 3 consoles are on the market, and now that PS2, Xbox, and GameCube support has all but diminished, they are must-own consoles compared to their outdated predecessors.

fishd3481d ago

Sony can be in 8th place as far as I am concerned,as long as it's 1st party studios pumping out awesomesauce!now where is Trico?! ;_;

Raoh3481d ago

if sony were to take first place, drop the price, sell millions of games on day one and dvds would stop being produced the internet would burst and die.

people seem to make a living on having something to say about sony.

Nike3481d ago

And it would be freaking awesome. The internet bursting and dying. :D

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