Wishing on a Game: Shenmue III

The staff members at The Game Reviews are wishing on a game, and that game is Shenmue III. What would TGR like to see in this potentially mammoth sequel?

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Ryo-Hazuki3530d ago

I've been wishing for a Shenmue 3 since 2002......the shenmue series is favorite games of all-time

CryWolf3530d ago

Why is shenmue not on the ps3 it have a blu-ray drive so why is shenmue 1 and 2 not on the one disc for 2 games put on blu-ray disc yet.

predator3530d ago

man I would love for this game to come out

SlamVanderhuge3529d ago

Never got into Shenmue, but I plan to one day. Both of them are sitting on my shelf...

italianbreadman3529d ago

Gamer confessions: I've never played Shenmue


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