GameArena Review: MadWorld

MadWorld is a weird game - it starts off all grins and smiles, laughing and cheering at torrents of blood. Then it becomes tedious - repetitive and derivative, a game this colourfully monochromatic shouldn't become boring. Finally it's charming and mind-numbing, wearing you down with fantastic delivery and gore humour until you accept that you're not better than it is and you love it for not pretending to be anything more.

MadWorld's main issue - the one which will see you bored - is in its lack of depth. When you first start the game is quirky and cool, playing off stereotyped characters, conventions and themes. It's part SmashTV, part Manhunt, part Sin City and part Running Man. It's stylistic and cool, gory and funny... the game is fairly easy to play and there's blood everywhere.

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