Guild Wars celebrates 4th year anniversary with gifts, games

The Guild Wars official site has been updated in preparation of the game's fourth anniversary taking place on April 28th. ArenaNet will celebrate by re-opening the Boardwalk area and handing out some nice goodies for players.

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LeGenDx3530d ago

gw is almost as good as WoW

Baka-akaB3530d ago

Not nearly as good in some fields .

GW is awesome , it's an awesome PVP game , possibly the best , minus the lack of real RvR . And it featured a surprisingly good , given the pvp emphasis , however in pve it cant touch true mmos with subscriptions .

That job might be for GW2 if it ever decides to get out .
Right now despite numerous additions and great addons , it remains the pvp king , but only a good diablo with a few quests in the pve field .