CliffyB Wants Non-FPS Games on Unreal Engine

Epic Games loves shooters, but they didn't necessarily design Unreal Engine technology exclusive to the genre. Studios could be crafting RPGs or strategy titles with their middleware, and we may see change as companies like Square Enix start making use of Unreal Engine, but, right now, it's primarily driving games where you shoot things and they blow up.
Such a revelation upsets CliffyB. " frustrates the shit out of me man. It's possible to do anything with this technology; it's very flexible technology. Because of the fact that we at Epic happen to love shooters and happen to be very good at shooters those are the games we make. You can do some amazing things with it. Developers need to get their heads together and figure out what kind of interesting things you can do with it," he says.

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Bullseye4757d ago

What we really need is games developed from the ground up that are build on custom engines,not Unreal three eng.Just ,because GOW was seen by many to be a great game doesn't mean we need a multitude of games using the same engine. Otherwise we will end up with games all looking the same like games from EA.

I theCRUSHER I4756d ago

This just in! Cliffy B wants to purchase a new house in the Carribean. Next on N4G, Cliffy B just took a huge dump! Honestly guys who gives two sh1ts what Cliffy B does.

Black Republican4756d ago

I like GEARS


gzzz does everything this guy says have to be "NEWS"
stop riding his d1ck ppl...

Ps3Fanboy7774756d ago

Its a shooter engine. Cant wait to see how people just destroy this engine should be funny watching a game like Gears then everything else...