All we are saaaying… is give Fold a chaaance!

Tomorrow is when all PS3 owners will be prompted to update their system to the much anticipated ver. 1.6. Aside from background downloading, one other addition PS3 owners are curious about is the [email protected] application.

It seems there's a thread going on in the Official Playstation Message Boards that's trying to get PS3 owners to take part in the Sunday Night Foldathon, or the S.N.F. for those who are in the know.

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biomajor095250d ago

Does anyone know if you will be able to do folding and play disc games at the same time. I am a bio major and am all for science but I just bought oblivion and I need to submit 200+ hours of my life to that.

BB5250d ago

[email protected] will only be used when the PS3 is idle.

ReconHope5250d ago

"As of the 20th of March 2007, more than 194,000 CPUs were actively participating in [email protected] (active CPUs are defined as those returning work units within the last 50 days), jointly capable of a sustained computational level of around 220 teraflops"

PlayStation 3
Stanford announced in August 2006 that a folding client will be available to run on the PlayStation 3 called [email protected][10] The intent is that gamers be able to contribute to the project by merely "contributing electricity," leaving their PlayStation 3 consoles running the client while not playing games. It is estimated that with the addition of approximately 10,000 machines the [email protected] project would be able to reach PETAFLOP scale. PS3 firmware version 1.6 (to be released on Thursday 22 March) will allow for [email protected] to be used on the PS3."


so if 10,000 could do that how much could 500,000 do?

Anego Montoya FTMFW5250d ago

If you have a PS3 and you don`t use [email protected], your an awful awful person.