New Final Fantasy XIII trailer shown at FF7ACC premier

Square-Enix have shown a brand new Final Fantasy XIII trailer during their Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete premier event.

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Spike473477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

I just saw the FF versus 13 trailer again.

staub913477d ago

I just want to see how many agrees i get from the phantom disagreer.


PS3 is teh lame.

Seriously, are you a tough guy because you can disagree?

slayorofgods3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

Press agree if you think all current disagrees are coming from some loser that needs to get a life

Press disagree -------ONLY------- if you are the phantom disagreer to confirm the amount of accounts you have.

p.s. FF7 on the PSN freakin rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
further proof @

phosphor1123477d ago

It p*sses me off. I say something GOOD and some random ass disagrees that DONT make sense come up. Stupid f*cks.

Max Power3477d ago

release date for the US i am not interested.

Counter_ACT3477d ago

It was a Japanese event, of course they didn't announce a US date.

lordgodalming3477d ago

How did you get so many disagrees? FFVXIII is PS3 only and someone with multiple accounts really hates PS3 exclusives right now. Just look at the FFVII: International PSN thread.

On topic, we're still on for 2009 in Japan. Rock.

vloeistof3477d ago

ofcourse no one capped it smh

hay3477d ago

Can't say I'm excited by the "hey, Square have shown new trailer. But we won't see it soon though" attitude...

Godmars2903477d ago

I'd rather they start putting them online as soon as they show them, instead of waiting for some guy's crappy cam shot to be discovered on Youtube.

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The story is too old to be commented.