PC Mag: ASUS F6Ve-B1 Review

PC Mag: "Lightweights like the Apple MacBook 13-inch (Aluminum) and the HP Pavilion dv3z rely on their sex appeal to draw in crowds but are small compared with desktop-replacement and mainstream laptops. While their processing innards aren't necessarily laggards, their diminutive frames preclude their being able to fit the most powerful parts. The ASUS F6Ve-B1 ($1,250 street) is a plain-looking, plus-size version of these beauties sporting the same screen size. But there's good reason why it's thicker and heavier. It brings something the others don't: Intel Core 2 Duo T9550 and speedy ATI graphics card, which wield more power than you'll find in any other laptop with a 13-inch widescreen. Unfortunately, more power means a faster battery drain."

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