Sony's Fiscal Year is Over - Where is the PS3 Price Cut?

Sony has stated many times that a PS3 price cut would not come during their 2008 Fiscal Year. Well, that ended a few weeks ago. It's time to drop the price.

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morganfell3478d ago

A ridiculous article founded upon the assumption that since Sony stated no price cut in 2008 then it must be coming the instant the 2009 fiscal year begins. I would rather have the current price with 20 first party studios and the titles PS3 owners are getting than to have a cheap price, non-existent bragging rights, and a mere 3 studios like Microsoft.

If the PS3 seems like an exclusive club you cannot afford to enter then that is just too bad. Considering the poor quality of players and attitudes I experience on Xbox Live, the Sony method of preventing the worst gamers from getting a PS3 is working. While such a roadblock inevitably cuts out good people I would prefer to keep it like it is.

iiprotocolii3478d ago

I highly doubt that any change in price would shy away any first party studios Sony currently has under their belt.

I will agree that Sony's expensive console does provide some sort of separation between a mature and non-mature crowd (not a lot of parents are willing to cough up $400-500 on a console) and it IS a savior in contrast to Xbox Live's immature audience, but to use it as an excuse to maintain an overpriced console is just nonsense, I'm sorry.

Sony's reason, at first, to have such a high-priced console was because of the console's Blu-ray implementation. Blu-ray players have dropped drastically and the PS3 has maintained (or even gotten higher, if you include the removal of the more affordable SKUs) a price which just prys consumers away. The PS3 is in definite need of a price drop; It's approaching a three year mark and prices have not toggled at all.

Although, from a business perspective, maintaining the current price is good for them being that their current lineup for 2009-2010 is, realistically, putting both the Wii's and 360's games to shame. With Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, God of War III, etc. Sony knows that fans/consumers/gamers will be spending those $500.00 to play these exclusives that the other consoles cannot conjure. I'm pretty sure, though, that as soon as these exclusives drop, a few months to a year after, prices MIGHT drop.

morganfell3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

Why does everyone think the PS3 needs a price drop? Because they think that more people buying the console at a cheap price is what Sony needs and this isn't true unless the manufacturing costs have dropped to an acceptable level.

Only Sony knows if the PS3 needs a price drop. Far too many people equate market share with success and this is also an incorrect way to judge matters. It is simplistic and wrong.

Remember, Sony isn't concerned about market share at the moment. They are concerned about financial stability and in the current state of all things economic an action like a price drop is not smart business.

Lifendz3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

give their opinion so definitely without being privy to ANY of Sony's fiscal statements, profitability, losses, etc.

I heard one jerk in a podcast state that you actually do pay for PSN because it's a apart of the PS3 price. Think about that. This guy is proffering something he can't confirm and I can't rebut because no one knows. Then another guy, on this same podcast, goes on to state that Sony can't "wait any longer." It has to get PSN equal to XBL because it'll be too late soon. Anyone else want that crystal ball he has?

Just ignore these articles guys. I'm sure Sony wants to get the PS3 in the most homes at the lowest price possible. Unfortunately, when you include a blu-ray drive, standard HDD, wifi, and your architecture is such that your system actually works it's hard to get that price down to 299.99.

We were just at friggin 600 bucks for a PS3 not even 3 full years ago!

If the extra hundred bucks is actually that much of a deal breaker for some of you then go buy a 360 arcade unit. Then pick up a HDD. Then pay for XBL for two years. Eventually, I'm sure you're purchase will cost you more than if you had "splurged" and got the PS3 from jump.

Kushan3478d ago

It's not Sony that wants the price cut, it's developers.
Cheaper PS3s means more PS3s sold, more PS3s sold means a larger potential audience for any games developers make.
It stands to reason, if you release a game into a crowd of 20million people, it'll probably sell around twice as much as a crowd of 10million people. Bigger sales means those large development costs aren't as big an issue. It means more games, better games and less developers going out of business.

evrfighter3478d ago

"Considering the poor quality of players and attitudes I experience on Xbox Live, the Sony method of preventing the worst gamers from getting a PS3 is working."

I would agree with this actually. This is why you aren't seeing kz2 doing anything other than semi-decent sales wise.

gaffyh3478d ago

I personally think they should cut the price in November, like how MS did last year. It would have a much greater effect. But as soon as Sony drops the price to $299, MS will drop the Elite price to $299 as well.

el_bandito3478d ago

I believe a price cut is needed if Sony believes that slashing the PS3's cost would actually increase the quantity demand for the console. During these tough times, I doubt if a 350-400 dollar PS3 would sell like hotcakes. Is Sony too desperate that it needs a price cut to gain immediate sizable profit, or is Sony poised enough to keep the same price tag to swallow small gains or at least maintain its current wealth/resources during these times? I think I'm going with the latter. Its not like Sony's going down quickly because the PS3 is lagging in sales.

Jinxstar3478d ago

bubs Morgen

Lifeendz. You damn near quoted my blog =D Bubs all around

XLiveGamer3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

it IS a savior in contrast to Xbox Live's immature audience?


wow What a fncking excuse! There is only like 10 to 12 (14-16) years old guys in my list of 100 and its so easy to mute immature gamers (Kids and Adults) on Xbox Live.

Once again you guys like to keep posting excuses in this PS3 vs Xbox 360 B.S. War. I am not a Pro specific console B.S. Fan but i am always complaining about you PS3 fans because you guys are always posting arrogant comments against Xbox 360. Wow are you guys working under Sony Play Station Division? Fnck PS3, fnck Xbox 360, fnck even Wii.

raztad3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )


I agree that MS could do such a dumb financial move (300$ Elite) only to catch up with the PS3 but that will be a bad situation for them.

Each 200$ xbox360 sold is not good news for MS, that is why they are pulling out a new bundle, in order to drive costumers to the most expensive package (adding value). If MS cuts the Elite price to 300$ they will be hurting profits even more. More so if you look at the PS3 and xbox360 sales, they are pretty close each other, being the PS3 the most expensive console, there is not way a xbox360 price drop can stop the PS3 at the same price. Well maybe they can lower the arcade model to PS2 price :D. That would be a hell of a deal.

Sony is not ready for a PS3 price cut, I dont expect it at least after GoW3 is released. They want to maximize profits based on a higher price and a lot of exclusives coming this fiscal year.


LOL, phuck yeah.

i always thought the high price kept the scum out.

LIKE when you go to a nice restaurant and the entrees are 50dollars and up. You definitely wont see a dirtbag in those type of places.

GWAVE3478d ago

The general media has run out of remotely legitimate things to hate the PS3 for (lack of games, PSN, etc), so now they've all become financial advisers.

Skip the games. Skip the online content. It's all about TEH PROFFFIT MARGIN and TEH INSTALLED BASE and TEH ATTACH RATEZ!!!

Sez 3478d ago

I love how the Sony fanboys alway claim that people that play on live are immature kids. Yet PSN has the same immature kids doing the samething. I know because the last time I played warhark and R2. I had to tell them to STFU. Then I booted them from my room. As long as parents allow their kids access to the Internet without supervision. Then you will always run into that problem.

SIdepocket3478d ago

"I will agree that Sony's expensive console does provide some sort of separation between a mature and non-mature crowd (not a lot of parents are willing to cough up $400-500 on a console) and it IS a savior in contrast to Xbox Live's immature audience, but to use it as an excuse to maintain an overpriced console is just nonsense, I'm sorry."

There is no difference in the general maturity of the gamers on PSN versus Xbox - you just don't hear them talking on PSN because they either:

1)don't have mics because Sony doeen't bundle them with the console
2)so annoyed up with the poor voice quality that they aren't using their mics

Just reading through these forums I can see that PS3 players are every bit as immature and silly as gamers you might hear on Live. Try playing Killzone sometime, trash talk all over the place.

iiprotocolii3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )


Before you even consider uttering blatant calls of fanboyism to either Morganfell or myself, please take a look at your name. Thanks. With that said, no one is arguing which console is best here, we're discussing Sony's stance on price cuts. You should probably learn to read thing in context before exploding into ludicrous name calling. Personally, as I'm sure with most folks who prefer one console over another (which isn't fanboyism because no one here is worshiping anything religiously), I prefer to play online on the PS3 simply because I have noticed that "its" crowd is much more mature. It's a PERSONAL preference that we're entitled to. I've gone gaming on the PS3 constantly without having to hear, or mute, immature ignoramus people that have nothing better to do than make gay jokes and spew racial/prejudice slurs. It's not whether the mute option is available or not, it's that the Xbox Live community is congested with this kind of behavior. I would rather spend my time somewhere where people have a bit more common sense and respect for behavior, than be around a bunch of douchebags that can't take a firm beating. Again, my opinion.

@ Morgenfell

The people stating that the PS3 is in need of a pricecut are the developers. It's not just consumers wanting the chance to afford it; like Kushan stated below you, "Cheaper PS3s means more PS3s sold, more PS3s sold means a larger potential audience for any games developers make."
When you have developers demanding a price cut, it's for a reason. I'm not sitting here and disagreeing with your logic - I think that you're right on point. However, the talk of whether or not Sony produces a price cut makes you question why they've been losing exclusivity to their once prominent supporters like SquareEnix, Konami, etc. Even though their first party studios probably develop a bit more polished titles, third party devs aren't getting what they can with the current market. And me, personally, I don't judge a console's success solely on the amount of shipped units. Their legacy is based on what they have accomplished in GAMING. ;)


You've obviously never experienced online on the PS3 to even try to argue such an ignorant comment like "poor voice quality" and "mic doesn't come bundled with the PS3". Honestly, this argument was used two years ago in its release and still hold no ground. I own all three consoles and have not seend any quality loss in voice on the PS3 or the 360. And why would Sony bundle a headset when it gives their consumers freedom of choice between personally choosing a BT headset or a USB? Choice, my friend. It's what you don't have a lot of on XBL - and that, my friend, is fact. Play KZ2 sometime? Do it almost every day as I do COD4 and R2. There's trash talk (no one is concluding there isn't).

callahan093478d ago

Where is the price cut? They don't need one. So there isn't one. The PS3 just sold within 20% of the amount of units the 360 sold in the USA for the month of March. Incorporate the steamrolling that the PS3 has been doing in Japan lately and the rest of the worldwide markets and you'll find that the PS3 and the 360 are still selling relatively close to one another. Sure a price drop would start letting the PS3 gain ground on the 360 rather than lost a slight bit of ground each month, but really, to a corporation being in last place is completely irrelevant. Making money is relevant. They're selling their product and making money on it, that's what matters. They could drop the price and sell more but make less . . . instead, they stand their ground on the price. It's a fine tactic. The longer they go without dropping the price, the more impactful a price cut will be. It's in their best interest to ride out this price point a while.

lowcarb3478d ago

You both make some good points that are easy to agree with. The area though that sounds old and played out is the constant attacks on 360 and it's pricing. You see 360 and PS3 are about choices, and depending on what I walk out of the store with, either one could be more expensive. bubbles to both of you

morganfell3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

...Rockstar slaps down the developer pricecut argument. So do Konami and several others. Make games that people actually want and the 20 million plus PS3 user base will make you great money. By the end of the calendar year 2009 there will be around 30 million PS3s. Plenty.

Make great games instead of depending on a large target you can hit center mass with a mediocre title. What many of the makers of half assed games are practicing should be illegal. At $59 USD it is called ripping off the consumer.

Sayai jin3478d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

@morgananfell- What does the 360 or XBL have to do with this article?

@gaffyh- That would be a great time, Right before the holidays. Unfortunately, we will we see so many more articles like this until then.

On topic, a price cut will come when Sony is ready to make one. I know many people would really like to see one soon. I think that the gaming media knows there are certain key words to get huge hits on their site. One is "PS3 Price Cut".

3477d ago
Microsoft Xbox 3603477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

"morgan i told you plenty of times, stop acting like you knoow WTF you are talking about... "

Oh so now you're the one who knows everything? Dude, you have nothing useful to say against morganfell. Not one bit of info to counter his argument. He obviously knows more than you can write. The best you can do is tell him get a life? LOL. If he needs a life, you need an education.

ultimolu3477d ago

morgan, you are so talking nonsense. The PS3 is screwed if it doesn't get a pricecut dammit! Developers will leave and we'll be stuck with a damn bluray player with no games!

/sarcasm to the millionth degree

I'd wish people would stop playing armchair analyst. Sony must have their reasons for not cutting the price. I don't recall the PS2 dropping in price the minute it came out on the market. It took time before it reached $99.99.

indysurfn3477d ago

It's amazing how PS3 fans say 360 is only selling better because of the price.

And then turn around and say the 360 is ACTUALLY more expensive.

Then turn around and say you get what you pay for........will Maybe they are half right 360 is more expensive than PS3 and you do get what you pay for.

Eddie201013477d ago

With the end of one fiscal year comes...hold on to your hat.... another fiscal year. I don't think they ever said immediately at the end of the fiscal we will cut the Price of the PS3, I believe they keep telling everyone that they will cut the price when it is appropriate for the company to do so.

This article seems like a very simple minded way of trying to make people mad at Sony, much like most flame bait articles.

Eddie201013477d ago

It's not just the tweens on Xbox live that are annoying, its half the so called adults.

Also, I like how Xbox 360 fanboys, rag on PS3 , flame bait, make out write false statements, and end everything with saying something about there being so many PS3 fanboys.

SIdepocket3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )


You've obviously not gamed much online with the 360 then. VoIP is a high quality transmission protocol for sending speech over internet lines. PSN does *not* support VoIP for ingame chat. Live has supported VoIP since 2003 when they added servers for it. Google that if you don't believe me.

I've played Call of Duty 4 since it's launch on the Playstation and the voice quality is subpar - too much ambient noise and overall much more tinny than the Live headsets. This is not something that should be news to anyone as it's been a major complaint of Sony's online since the beginning.

Still don't believe me? Then take a look at the specs of the 2.5 firmware update. They added a "high-qualily chat mode" only for users of the new PS3 BT headset that ships with SOCOM. Even that still isn't as clear as the wireless headset I got from Microsoft. So it looks like the majority of PSN players out there are chatting in low-quality mode.

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Highatus3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

I agree, if Sony feels they need a price cut, I'm sure they'll make it a big announcement.

Most likely at E3 '09 or TGS '09 that is if they do decide to lower it.

Though i'm thinking more around the time of TGS.

Skyyo3478d ago

Sony will eventually have to start making money on the PS3.

Last time I checked they were still losing money on ever console they do sell at 400$. So what you want is for them to lose more money? That is a sure way to make sure there isn't a PS4...

I have already bought my PS3 and enjoy it very much. I have little interest in the price of a new console at this point considering I HAVE ONE = )

PirateThom3478d ago

Where did you hear that? They cut production costs in half at the start of 2008 ( ) from around $800 to less than $400. Take into account they've been working towards reducing costs, I'd say they're very likly breaking even at this point, if not making a small amount of money on each console.

Skyyo3478d ago

In that case I would expect one very soon.

Thank you for the update.

PirateThom3478d ago

lolz @ 3 disagrees, not a single piece of refuting evidence.

Wasn't Sony's goal to become profitable, not outsell the competition?

Do you really not want to believe Sony are already breaking even on the PS3?

n4gn4gn4gn4g3478d ago

You have to take into account the rise of the YEN vs Pound and Dollar. It is KILLING Japanese firms and even causing them to raise prices (see Wii in UK and all other SONY electronics in the UK).

Anon19743478d ago

The Yen's moved almost 25% this last year against the US and Euro. That can't be helping the situation any but when you look at it from a sales perspective the PS3 has been catching on far faster than the 360 ever did at a much higher price point, and no one ever claimed the 360 was doing badly. The PS3 is over 3 million consoles over where the 360 was at this point in it's lifecycle, and as long as the PS3 keeps hitting it's ship targets I don't think Sony will cut the price until they're good and ready.

Sayai jin3477d ago

@PirateThom- It should not surprise you that people would hit disagree without saying why or having a legitimate argument. This has become a way at N4G. I saw an article today where some random person with multiple accounts when down 8 to 10 comments and hit the disagree button. Just sad. Good points on you comment though.

@n4gn4gn4gn4g- You know that is a good point as well.

vagisil3477d ago

please do not speak facts to the arm chair analysts, aka pirate thom morganfell. they never take into consideration the whole picture, this is why me and many disagree pirate.

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table3478d ago

october/november we'll see the $100 price cut. been saying it since the start of the year.

Cajun Chicken3478d ago


Just in time for the kids with R&CF:ACiT, Eyepet and further LBP content, oh yeah, and Christmas.

jwatt3478d ago

I don't know about 100 dollar pricecut but I do think it would be freaking pointless to have a pricecut before fall. Even with a high price point and a summer drought of games, the ps3 can still sell. Why not wait untill the end of the year for a price cut when you have big hit games and big blockbuster movies coming out on Blu ray.

Sayai jin3477d ago

A $100 USD would be a stellar price drop. I think it will not be reduced that much. Maybe $50 USD, but hey I am crossing my fingers for those who have not brought one yet.

San Frandisco3478d ago

why does everyone assume its going to be a $100 price cut? thats a prety big chunck off the ps3's price ya know.
i would think 50-aybe $75 dollars would be more realistic,dont get me wrong though as a $100 price cut would be PERFECT and AMAZING if that did happen.
hmm,wen sony dropped the price last time of the ps3,did they drop it by $100? if so then i could be wrong but ya never know.

either way i allready have one but i would want another one for lan play in the living room and it would be fantastic for ppl on the fence about it.

PotNoodle3478d ago

Well, they dropped it £100 back at the end of 2007 in europe, it was £399, it was then dropped to £299.