Game Informer Takes a Look at PS3 Oblivion

"Sony gets its own trip to Oblivion in a picture-perfect port of the bar-setting next-gen role-playing title"

The fourth installment of the Elder Scrolls is indeed a mighty success –those who refuse to play it simply because it is popular have been and continue to be missing out. Further, both the PS3 and Xbox 360 are fantastic platforms on which to experience the game, but experiencing the game on both is, at the least, an almost certain waste of money.

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TheMART4756d ago

"There’s really not very much in the PS3 version that should validate a second purchase. Basically, you’re looking at some moderately improved shaders that improve the appearance of some textures in the game world. For an example, check out the comparative screens we’ve included on this page. The game loads are also a tiny bit faster. Finally, and of greatest significance, is the inclusion of the Knights of the Nine set of missions. However, given that both the 360 and PC versions of Oblivion have this content available online for a small fee, it’s hard to call it much of a bonus for the PS3. In fact, the current lack of the 360/PC downloadable content is one reason you might not want to get into the PS3 version in the first place, even though Bethesda has promised that content for the PS3 at a later date."

Clear then. Plus the 360 gets the shaders etc. in a downloadable update. I am curious about the patch and it would be good to have a head to head comparison at that time then.

Cutnell4756d ago

Of course it doesn't justify a purchase if you already own it for the 360 or the PC. It's the same game! Just moderately improved from the 360 version in the fact that there will be less framerate and loading issues. I must admit this is one of the more intelligent comments from theMart, and that makes me wonder...

sak5004756d ago

but you waited a year for this game. Also paid higher price for your console.

biomajor094756d ago

I just bought this game today and I love it. I am glad I got it.

spacetoilet4756d ago

Who would ever want to buy two copies anyway? These reviewers are retarded. IF I had a 360, I would already have it and would not consider buying it again, thats fricken obvious.

MikeMichaels4756d ago (Edited 4756d ago )

I don't have to blow $500 to play an inferior version on the 360.


lilwingman4756d ago

I'm just glad that the PS3 got this title. I have neither the 360, or a PC capable of running this game, and I certainly don't weant to miss out on this experience. Can't wait to pick it up :D!

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