Honest Gamers: Samurai Shodown Anthology Review

Honest Gamers writes: "The game was good. And it's a rare feeling to get a happy ending like the one Samurai Shodown VI gleefully dropped into my lap. It's a shame that this collection holds some faults that its PS2 brethren does not and there's no reason that issues such as elongated load times and crippling slowdown should exist on a machine as powerful as the PSP, but they're there and it's stupid to try and ignore them. But they're not constant and they're not enough to take away from some of the brilliance SNK presents with it coeval fighting feast. From the never-cracking foundations of the initial titles, to the hiccups in the middle sliding down the greased slope of unfulfilled expectations to eventual redemption, Samurai Shodown Anthology does a lot of justice to a series that deserves our time and respect".

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