GoNintendo Review: Rhythm Heaven

GoNintendo writes:

"I don't want to go trashing all of the localized elements of Rhythm Heaven. For the most part, its a very tight package. With that said, there are a few songs that have lost some of their luster when compared to the original Japanese versions. This is such a small nitpick, and it's only really for those of us that imported the Japanese version. English-only players won't have a thing to complain about. For those that imported, I'm sure you know what I mean.

Frustration: This is another complaint that I pull in from the pile of straws I'm grasping at. I personally love the challenge the game offers, especially once you start getting to the higher difficulties…but I know that's not for everyone. I just know that the gameplay is going to do a fantastic job at pissing some people off. Trust me…if you find yourself having trouble with song after song, don't get mad at the game. You're going to have to realize someday soon that you lack rhythm!"

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