Just a Game About Iraq

GamerNode's Jorge Albor discusses perspectives on the already-controversial Six Days in Fallujah, opposing the view that this, and other titles, can be viewed as "just a game."

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italianbreadman3567d ago

The "just a game" mentality is going to subside with time regarding meaningful subject matter in the medium.

However, I still use that phrase sometimes when talking about news stories that cite games as the reason for teen violence. Am I setting a double standard? :-\

The-Director3567d ago

The problem is that western media is looking at it from one view, the american soldiers, OK, what about the Innocent Iraqis that died in Fallujah ? the city was under siege and no one can leave or enter, that include medicine and food, over 600 civilians died, and countless homes are destroyed.

What if a Russian company make a video game about Hurricane Katrina !? will it still be just a game ?

Read this article by the only camera man that was inside Fallujah during the assault :

ahnonamis3566d ago

It's like that for any game ever based on wars. Even the WW2 and WW1 games there were innocent people dying during the battles. No one wants to be witness to that, though, even in a game.

mr durand pierre3567d ago

At the very least, the game would spread awareness about these issues and make people who would otherwise know little about them to start doing some research. Furthermore, given that films have been tackling hot-button issues for decades, it seems like games should do the same.

xabmol3567d ago

How about ShellShock 2?