Has HD-DVD already run out of steam?

It seems like just last year Sony was hyping the new Blu-Ray disc format in PlayStation 3 while Microsoft announced their allegiance with the opposing HD-DVD format (resulting in optional drive for Xbox 360). Actually, what do you know? That was just last year. Nevertheless, 1Up is already receiving the first signs of the finish line in this race.

Kotaku reports a rumor popping up around the net that prices for the 360 HD-DVD add-on are beginning to fall rather sharply. How much? Reports are saying that Wal-Mart is ignoring the regular retail price of $199.99 to sell the drive for a very cheap $130. This is after reports that Blu-Ray movie sales are now surpassing HD-DVD sales after playing catch-up due to a later launch.

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D R Fz4764d ago

This is definitely a tough one. But from where it stands as of now, Hd Dvd is not in a good position. The Hd Dvd Group has to come up with something quick because they're not only competing against standalone Blu-ray players, but they're also competing against the PS3. This is more of a double team which I feel will do more harm come this summer when standalone Blu-ray players drop in price also. I mean who knows, maybe Microsoft and Toshiba got something up their sleeves and maybe they don't but at this point, they need to do something or this format war will end as fast as it started.

XxZxX4764d ago

by look at the pic, all i can say is


JasonXE4764d ago

MS should stick with digital distribution for the xbox 360. I wouldn't give up on the hd dvd player but Sony has the edge on this. MS should utilize there strength and sony weakness on the online department and get movie studios to jump in with D.D.

XxZxX4764d ago

I seriously dont want to download a 50GB games on my 20gb hard disk, i have to go elite if they chose this path. It will took my a week to download 50GB.

sajj3164764d ago

Have the infrastructure in place nationally to do this on a grand scale. Heck, even the Japs are wired fiber optic all over the place. E.D.
IS years away buddy.

JasonXE4764d ago

was talking about movies which are 3-7gb. I downloaded Superman Returns and it was a quick 2 hr download. Need a bigger hard drive though...

AuburnTiger4764d ago

Sorry, but saying "quick and 2hr download" in the same sentence is absolutely ludicrous.

Bleyd4763d ago

Besides, this is the high definition format war for high definition movies. We're not talking 3-7GB movies for this kind of quality. It's more like 20-50GB for this quality movie which really would take forever using digital distribution especially here in the states where the movie industry makes a huge impact. Digital distribution of high def really is years away.

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sajj3164764d ago

Owner of the 360 HD-DVD drive, I can say yes. Let's not beat a dead horse in the mouth. Move on, go Blu Ray. Let's not waste anymore time and money.

Skynetone4764d ago

the quicker the better if ya ask me

i feel sorry for the losers how bought a hd dvd player

sajj3164764d ago

You putz .. Like you never bought something you regretted? I was man enough to admit a bad buy. Got the PS3 also so no big deal but 200 is 200. Maybe they'll let me upscale current DVD(s) .. Oh wait right no HDMI ... Darn it!! I think it also was a bad investment on MS side. Images of the 32X still haunt me ... Oh the agony. Name me one add-on in the gaming world that has succeeded?

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The story is too old to be commented.