PlayStationLifeStyle Launches PLAYSTATION3 Trophy Portal

Offering a more visual presentation and more accessible bragging rights, the PLAYSTATION3 Trophy System is considered to feature a much more precisely delivered structure than the Xbox360's after-thought, yet even now many games fail to participate. Whichever side of the fence you sit on, one thing is for sure; the PLAYSTATION3 Trophy System is wholly addictive. And with that, there will undoubtedly be many Electronic Theatre regulars desperate to feed their addiction.

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Elven63478d ago

Although this probably isn't N4G worthy, the site is pretty cool!

Sev3478d ago

I think this is the best news I've seen on N4G all week.

Electronic Theatre has some good taste and they rock!

Elven63478d ago

*Looks at the front page*

Yea, I guess your right!

callahan093478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

Hi, Sev, I have a couple of comments on the trophy portal:

What's with the Japanese trophy listings? I would greatly appreciate if all trophies were listed in English. This is especially odd for a game like Tomb Raider Underworld, which has been released in English territories, so I can't understand why your listing for that game is in Japanese.

Also, I have the Chinese version of Aquanaut's Holiday, and as long as my system's language selection is set to English, the trophy listing is in English. And you can find the Demon's Souls and White Knight Chronicles trophy lists in English over at GameFAQs.

Other than that, GREAT job with the trophy portal. But give us the listings in English, please :)

Keep up the good work with PSLifeStyle, my favorite console-specific site on the web.

TwistedMetal3478d ago

Trophies is like blueray and achievements are VHs. people who buy games on x360 for achievements should just stop because its pointless compared to trophies. trophies is the only thing that matters because you can see everything like what time/date they got a trophy, what game how many more they need etc. Its just way better because you can compete in trophy count, who got the most bronze, silver, gold, or platinum trophy. who is the higher lvl, who played the hardest games. who has less games but more trophys. YOu can also find if they have the same taste / skill as you in games. trophys is visual as well. its like a baseball car collection wrapped in those plastic pouches. Trophies >achievments by centurys and miles.

poindat3478d ago

I also find trophies more meaningful. Maybe it's because I haven't spent enough time with the achievement system, but when I see a score of "14,000" on a friend's system, it is meaningless to me. A number. Now when he sees that I am 68% through LVL 6 with x platinums, x golds, x silvers, and x bronzes, it makes it so much more meaningful, even to someone who doesn't own the system.

Not to underhand achievements either, this whole trophy system would be nothing without them, and have been mandatory for every game since launch. That's a MAJOR plus. It's annoying to think that even though I own 40+ games, I'm being destroyed by people with 0 platinums but own a large number of trophy compatible games, simply because the majority of my games AREN'T trophy compatible.

Monsignor3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

Since January 1st, all PS3 games are required to be Trophy Compatible. So, buying a non-trophy supported game is slipping into the past.

Mc1873478d ago

I thought this was something you posted Sev.
It's cool to see you guys are internationally appreciated for what you do.

Super-Brad3478d ago

Checked this out before it hit N4G and I was very impressed on what i was seeing, it's on par maybe better than the Playstation official version.

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