End of Eternity : Japan Announcement Teaser

From Fantasy to Phantasy, Tri-Ace and Sega unveil a new RPG for the PS3 and 360.

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xztence3530d ago

Yeah that didn't do much. I like the art though.

Straight Life3530d ago

Another limited rpg, unless the PS3 version is superior if the 360 version uses multiple discs.

Sophie3531d ago

Lol, they are giving the flash files from the official's website. ^^

axeru7773530d ago

this better be good

also, I hope Sega will publish Star Ocean: The Last Hope for PlayStation 3

[email protected]3530d ago

I dont think such a thing is possible... I think.

raztad3530d ago

Of course it is not. The title is published by SE.

CryWolf3530d ago

All they doing is showing pics where is the gameplay or anything in real-time

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