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Not Everyone Can Be The Best

An article about how everyone seems to believe they are the number one sniper around.

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kickaski3571d ago

i am the king of sniping.

ThanatosDMC3570d ago

I'm the king, i dont use scope either... i throw rocks!

-x.Red.x-3570d ago

i love jumping in mid air and quick sniping

The_Beast3570d ago

.. that's way harder to achieve in a shooting game such as cod4.. sniping is no where near as hard as kun fu

TheRealSpy3570d ago

sniping is for cowards who don't have the skill to go toe to toe.

camping is lame.

and sniping is too easy anymore. so many shooters don't account for breathing

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inzaders3571d ago

Am the Real king of Sniping, Sir!

xc7x3571d ago

says the person who's been sniped by me :-)

360Hater3571d ago

I run with a grenade in 1 hand and a rocket launcher in the other. Watch out!

Imallvol73571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

This thread and article could be salvaged by everyone saying their favorite game to snipe in!

I am going to go with any Halo game as the most fun . . . Socom 2 as the most satisfying . . . and Killzone 2 for awesomeness factor (you get to be completely invisible while sniping!)

Marceles3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Counter-Strike 1.5....I used to go to the awp map and wait until my whole team died and then pop out and kill the whole other team. Ah the good ol' days. There were alot of CS websites out too and my name was on a few of the reported cheaters lists. Thats when you know you're pretty damn good lol. 2nd favorite is probably Battlefield 2 even though I was more of a Spec Ops player

macalatus3571d ago


Sniping in COD4, GRAW2, and Killzone 2 are awesome, but if you want to gain respect from me, try sniping in Warhawk. Yes, sniping in that game can be a pain in the butt, then again Warhawk was never meant to be a "noob friendly" game!

Marceles3571d ago

lol yeah sniping on there is really hard because everyone is dancing around everywhere. The best guys to snipe are the annoying guys with binoculars. I dont think I've seen an expert sniper on the game yet, but then again I'm always in a Warhawk shooting homing missiles at a sniper

SlyGuy3571d ago

really skilled snipers in Warhawk.

I know I am not THE BEST, but I am no slouch either.

Like the dude above, I prefer to be in a Warhawk most times.

Omegasyde3571d ago

Try sniping in any delta force game.

You actually have to range your scope and account for wind.

KZ2 sniping is fun, but that spot and mark is really takes the fun out of it. Hard to hide as sniper with it.

Marceles3571d ago

"KZ2 sniping is fun, but that spot and mark is really takes the fun out of it. Hard to hide as sniper with it."

Yeah I know what you mean. I kept getting killed while I was cloaked and I was thinking "wow these guys are AMAZING", and then once I got Spot and Mark I thought "wait a minute...that's all these guys do? lame".

rockleex3570d ago

But their sniper plain sucks.

Sniping in Halo 1 is much better and much more fun than in Halo 2 and 3.

Anyways, COD4 M40 ACOG snipe is the best! >:D

Killzone 2's sniping is awesome too.

cranium3570d ago

Having sniper battles in Killzone 2 in Pyrrhyus(sp?) rise is the most fun I've had with the game yet:
Step 1: Cloak
Step 2: Find them on the complete opposite side of the map with spot & mark ability.
Step 3: Zoom in to their position.
Step 4: Pray that you don't get sniped before you get in that one shot.

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Polluted3571d ago

I just tried to get a couple of sniping kills in Killzone. Turns out I suck at sniping. Like really bad. Guess I'm more of a shotgun blast to the face kind of guy.

table3570d ago

the sniper in killzone is the hardest sniper to work with in the history of gaming. The weighted controls make it virtually impossible to hit a moving target. If you can snipe well in Killzone you can out snipe anyone.

Mindboggle3570d ago

I actually find it easy to snipe in Killzone due to the slower aiming....

cranium3570d ago

The sniper rifle in the first Killzone was an absolute nightmare. But the 2nd one is not so bad; it just takes a little practice.

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The story is too old to be commented.