Tekken 6: Interview with Katsuhiro Harada

Tekken 6's main man Katsuhiro Harada answers GamePro's questions about the upcoming Tekken 6 that will hit the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this fall. 'Grrreat!'

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SoapShoes3475d ago

If he's still making lame excuses as to why T6 went multiplatform. They can make Tekken Tag on a brand new console(PS2) with a very small install base, but they can't have it exclusive to PS3 because too many 360 owners said they wanted to play Tekken? LOL, no one believes that crap.

Ninja-Sama3475d ago

And the more time that passes the less interested I become in the game.

Danja3475d ago

This game is still slated to be released ???

totally fell off my radar , I really dont care about this going Multi-Plat anymore , I haven't been impressed any ways with what they have shown so far , just gives us a release date already...enough with trying to defend why they went to the 360 ... plz we all know M$ had something to do with this no matter what they wanna say...

This game like most once PS exclusives will sell better on the PS3

JokesOnYou3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Do you really think devs care about how a vocal minority here at n4g feels?

The dev has a right to do whats in the best interest of his studio, just look at the latest SF4 sales and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out IF sony doesn't pay to make it exclusive theres simply too much money left on the table by NOT going multiplat....normal gamers outside of n4g just buy the games they like on their platform of choice regardless of exclusitivity so 99% of the ps3 fans interested in Tekken before they knew is was going multiplat will still buy it when its released, and NOW they can add 360 only owners who were also interesting in playing Tekken6 but were definitely not going to buy a ps3 anytime soon.= Win, Win for gamers and Tekken6.


RememberThe3573474d ago

I freakin love me some Tekken, but now, because they have to port the game to the 360, I have to wait for Tekken 6. I just doesn't seems right. If the game is done, release it. How many games got released on the 360 first then released on the PS3 later? How come they can do that with the 360 but they can;t do it with the PS3?

cereal_killa3474d ago

M$ big fat cheques that's why, money talks.

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axeru7773475d ago

why do other people have to to be mad when a third party title goes multiplatform?

SoapShoes3475d ago

Who exactly is mad? I'm just pointing out holes in their logic. I will concede when they come up with a legit reason, but until then it's just funny nonsense.

ultimolu3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

It's not the multiplatform thing that bothers me anymore. Like I said a while ago, I no longer care about games going multiplatform because I now understand that developers have to make money especially in a time like this.

It's the delay on the PS3 version that annoys people.

axeru7773475d ago

Tekken 6 will surely be great, it deserves to be played by a lot of people. I don't see anything wrong with it coming to the Xbox 360.

Narutone663475d ago

coming to the 360. It's the fact that the PS3 version is going to be delayed is what annoyed a lot of PS3 fans.

Bordel_19003475d ago

Exclusive games are what set gaming consoles apart. I support exclusivity.

Naar3475d ago

i realy lost interested in this game since its giong to xbox 360
low quilty tekken no thanks

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