PlayStation Network Video Content Update

The weekend's almost here, and that means it's time for this week's updates to the Video Store.

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irish-leprecaun3479d ago

its a pity they wudnt launch this service in ireland!!

irish-leprecaun3479d ago

anywhere outside of usa like they promised last year

Kleptic3479d ago

it was a pretty big update this week...some weeks it only gets like 4 movies, others it gets stuff like this article shows...

only thing I hate is that not every movie they put on there is available to rent...every movie can be purchased to own, but many are not available for rent until a few weeks later...if I want to buy the movie, I want it on BD with proper picture and sound (despite them saying its "HD" content, its a joke compared to true BD...just like netflix streaming)...I use this service often for rentals (and am now considering it for some TV shows because you can back stuff up on external drives)...but have yet to use it to buy a movie...