Fan-made Diablo 3/Warcraft 3 Mod

Here's a new interesting fan-made creation by of a Diablo 3 mod in Warcraft 3. A good temporary solution to kill the itch on the long wait for the actual Diablo 3.

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tilamiles3480d ago

Trailer looks hot. Gotta d/l and try.

OhReginald3480d ago

because they just made it look exactly like diablo 3 with a 7 year old graphics engine....

Cheeseknight283480d ago

Exactly? Maybe you should get your eyes checked (or play the mod), as it looks far, far worse than D3. The skins are cool, but that's about it.

I just played through this in an hour with 2 friends, was a good waste of an hour.

QQcrybaby3480d ago

Wow not bad at all. I might have to try.