TGR Editorial: Is Gran Turismo 5 Really Going to PC?

TGR examines the issue in greater detail, and debates the question of whether or not one of Sony's flagship series will go multiplatform.

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- Ghost of Sparta -4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

Gran Turismo already is a multi-platform franchise.

Gran Turismo 1 & 2 = PS1
Gran Turismo 3 & 4 = PS2
Gran Turismo 5 = PS3

When Sony said that they want Gran Turismo 5 to be available on as many platforms as possible they obviously meant THEIR platforms. They pretty much confirmed that the PS2 and PSP will get their own versions of Gran Turismo 5. TGR just loves to write headlines like this for hits, because no one ever visits their website.

PirateThom4668d ago

They never even said "Gran Turismo 5", they said "Gran Turismo".

tehk1w14668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

They also said they were considering releasing it for PC.

Hence the article.


Mabuti4668d ago

It is only logical to pipe to all the platforms you can.

phosphor1124668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

See on the bottom right?

Kaz Hirai

Remember him?

Look at bottom left...its owned by SCE.


tehk1w14668d ago

According to the interviews, DP and Sony are both interested in expanding their presence in the PC market, especially in China where it's flourishing.

How is none of this sinking in?

This isn't some giant conspiracy about Sony losing its exclusives. It's about Sony trying to strengthen its market presence by expanding its product line to different platforms and countries.

SoapShoes4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

Why would they want to expand into the PC market all of the sudden? I think it's just a nice idea they thought of, but doubt it will happen. If it were going to happen then why hasn't Prologue come out on PC yet? They could have easily ported it already. A PSP version is possible since they've been talking about it since launch. PS2? Well Gran Turismo 3 never came out on PS1. Plus if GT5 came out on PS2 they'd have to completely redo everything like the cars and stuff, it takes them a week to code a car for GT5. I guess if they're doing a PSP version then there would be a PS2 version as well but the PSP/PS2 versions would be the same and the PS3 version would be different.

phosphor1124668d ago

Still though a PC in China is still very expensive. Why wouldn't Sony just advertise their PS2 at its new low price and get them to use those? It's definitely a lot cheaper than buying a low end PC that wouldn't be able to play much.

Microsoft Xbox 3604668d ago

Don't forget Shuhei Yoshida on that link. The man in charge of SCEA.

Omegasyde4668d ago

Why not?

SCOE is still releasing the Agency on PC and PS3.

tehk1w14668d ago

Last bubble!


This far in the development process, I'd wager that it's probably in their best interest to just go ahead and finish GT5 and THEN port it over rather then waste the time and money porting over an incomplete version of the final project (aka: GT5 Prologue)


According to some of the reports I've read, people can not legally purchase consoles in China. PC's, however, seem to be less regulated. With more and more gamers using PC's in China either at home or on the PC, it would seem to be a very viable (if not the only) legal way for Chinese gamers to get to play the latest games.

SoapShoes4668d ago

I still don't see them doing it, this is a rumor that's as hard to believe as PS3 being able to play PC games. Sony isn't stupid and they know about PC piracy. They don't like piracy and that is why they have implemented strict anti-piracy methods on all of their consoles.

YungXclusive2K94668d ago

OMG I just realized, HALO and GEARS are multiplatform because they are on PC

Xbox fanboys 360 has no exclusives hahahaha


seriously sony owns the IP for GT and it wouldn't go on PC without sony having the final word, now stop making stupid @$$ articles like this, you make it seem like GT is on 360, i don't hear you shouting about halo and gears on pc, those games are multiplatform omg

Microsoft Xbox 3604668d ago


SOE is an exception to the rule. They were always PC developers first then consoles second. Only since recently have they been releasing games for the consoles.

Time_Is_On_My_Side4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

lol, what I find funny is that every PlayStation 3 exclusive there is always an article saying it makes more sense to go mutliplatform, where was this with Forza 2 or even Froza 3 if in development? Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, I just can't see why Sony would keep in on the PlayStation 3 it makes more sense to be multiplatform, where was this with Crackdown or even a Crackdown 2 if in development?

Here's an answer, maybe they want consumers buying their platform but of course this doesn’t make sense plus this is before me reading it (the article). With that said I'm pretty sure somewhere in the article is says, "It makes more sense" lol. Maybe the next game will be Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer being multiplatform because it makes more sense, lol when Sony is the publisher for most of these titles (and when they aren't they look at something really small and abstact or do I have it backwards)?

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redfield854668d ago

I don't think it really matters. You would think most people would buy it for PS3 anyway.

SlamVanderhuge4668d ago

I dunno about that...they didn't rush out to grab PS3s when Prologue hit...

PirateThom4668d ago

Err.. they actually did.

The Prologue bundle in Europe sold very well, and that wasn't the full game.

tehk1w14668d ago

Yeah it sold quite well in the UK. Dunno about the States.

CrippleH4668d ago

Are these people stupid.

phosphor1124668d ago

Lol, welcome to N4G my guy. =P

ihaten4glol4668d ago

I wouldn't buy it even if it did manage to come to the PC.

swiftshot934668d ago

unless your waiting for GT6 maybe...

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