GTA Chinatown Wars to get money laundering PC Flash game add-on

UK-based Rockstar Leeds and parent Rockstar Games plan to soon introduce new Flash-based mini-games that connect with its handheld title Chinatown Wars, Develop can confirm.

Online technology firm GameSpy told Develop at GDC that the new games are a way to "add an extra dimension and new ways to connect with an already-established experience" using its tech.

Rockstar recently updated its Social Club website - which offers player data and statistics for GTA IV, Midnight Club: Los Angeles and recent release GTA: Chinatown Wars - to include mention of Mr Wong's Laundromat for DS players.

Rockstar will be providing a new game, played in the browser and Flash-based, which lets players launder in-game money when not playing the Nintendo handheld and then transfer it to the character on their DS cart via the Social Club and a Wi-Fi connection.

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