Reap your Home Rewards With Infamous Preorder Bonus

It appears Amazon is becoming a clearing house for pre-order games getting PlayStation Home tie-ins. The web jauggarnaut has partnered with yet another PS3 developer to create Home exclusive costumes as a pre-order bonus.

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T3mpr1x3567d ago

That's a decent tie-in. Should give our Home avatars lightning powers though, you know control the in-Home sun or something. :)

DoucheVader3567d ago

Or electrocute people doing stupid dances. :)

Chubear3566d ago

Your wish will soon be answered I'm sure.

irish-leprecaun3567d ago

IM WANTED IN 17 COUNTRIES FOR WAR CRIMES AGAINST GNOMES. lets jst say we dont get along and the
media is on my tail!

ChozenWoan3567d ago

Should I go with Gamestop who has an exclusive in game power, or with Amazon who has an exclusive Home outfit. I'm a bit torn as I went with GS last time with KZ2 and was disappointed that the demo had no online, and the fact that the Helghast uniform is still not for sale in Home. At the same time, I'm not big on the Reapers whom I know so little about.

Hmmmm, wonder if Best Buy will have a preorder special?

DFogz3566d ago

You're forgetting GameCrazy which has exclusive demo access

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The story is too old to be commented.