Joystiq Impressions: Dead Space: Extraction

Joystiq writes:

"There have been a lot of questions about Dead Space on Nintendo's console -- primarily "How will it look?" -- and this demo addressed many of them. So, with that said, how did it look? Really good. To put it bluntly, it looks like ... Dead Space. Sounds like it, too. The introductory setting we saw was completely in keeping with the original's art direction and, combined with the various sound effects (such as interacting with objects), immediately drew us back into the series' universe.

That's not to say the entire game will look just like the first; EA has promised a wide variety of settings that, while true to the universe, will be very different from those we've seen before.

Back to what we did see, the demo kicked off with some examples of item and environment interaction. As the player character moved forward according their "script," it was possible to use TK to grab power-ups, weapons, ammo and other items, such as video logs, which will once again play an integral role. Of course, just as in the original, TK can be used to pick up and throw crates, furniture and other elements in the environment, something that becomes very useful in keeping the many creatures at bay."

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