King of Fighters XII - Three new gameplay videos

SNK published three new gameplay videos featuring the fighters Ash Crimson, Duo Lon and Shen.

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ape0073479d ago

this game is going to be the best 2d fighter of all time.period

such wonderful graphics,art&tech together

the kof trademark gameplay,so addictive,so satesfying,so masterful

it's the best butt kicking fighter ever

complete balance

seriosly can't wait

ultimolu3479d ago

Can't wait either. Looks amazing so far.

Fox013479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Hey SNK, Awesome just called, he wants his game back!

I skipped Street Fighter IV because of the "pay for alternative costume" crap.
I hope SNK reserves a better treatment for it's fans than Scamcom.
I love all fighting games so naturally I'll be picking this one up (that's if they don't try to screw me over).

Mandaspt3479d ago

C´mon guys i´ve played SF4 and its a great game. This one is different maybe more old school.