Live in Europe; Get RF:G Demo Keys

Having trouble getting a demo key in Europe? Well fear not European gamers! THQ has your backs!

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Cajun Chicken3477d ago

Got my code through a THQ email, getting it tonight, expecting a lot of fun in this one.

Fowack3477d ago

from Qore. the demo is lots of fun played through it maybe 10 times. definitely a buy for me.

happywozere3476d ago

Got mine. After 8 hours of it been on this site, i still got one.

happywozere3476d ago

when ya the walker all hell breaks loose, you can pretty much destroy all the buildings, it just walks through.

PirateThom3476d ago

Downloaded the demo.

Honestly didn't think that much of it. It's not bad, but it seems to lack something.