Red Faction: Guerilla Brings Out Your Bomber Man

Gaming Union writes "It's been a while since the Red Faction franchise has graced our gaming consoles, almost 7 years in fact. However, Volition are back with a new take on their franchise. Formerly, Red Faction was known as a First-Person Shooter with the unique selling point of destructable scenery that couldn't be matched in any other experience. Red Faction II toned this down a bit and made the experience much more linear, but it was still present. This is vastly different for the third installment of the game though."

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Selyah3480d ago

Played through the demo a fair few times pretty much agree on every point, it just seems like a game thats actually fun to play without actually following the objectives. Its got me interested can't say I'd given it much thought before playing the demo, has its merits now though ^^.

mephman3480d ago

Although this is only the demo, it makes me believe the main game will just have limitless replay value.