Jaffe: God of War Franchise May Be Extended

In this exclusive interview, David Jaffe explains that it could take another 2 or 3 games to finish the story of Kratos. Beyond that, they could fill in "gaps" with other games, he said. Jaffe also questioned whether Sony did a good enough job in marketing the PS3's value, and he shares his love for Nintendo, his thoughts on rumble, storytelling and much more.

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Violater4758d ago (Edited 4758d ago )

Do i smell Greed?
I hope if they do drag the franchise out that it stays Exclusive.
And the story doesn't suffer.

techie4758d ago

It's owned by Sony. And so is Jaffe's ass! lol. Drag out? Would only be good if they changed it a lot in every move.

Tut4758d ago

He likes it that way though. =)

Honestly I hope he makes as many are needed to tell the story. What was said sort of implies that there has already been thought to a storyline that is far longer than the episodes have covered so far. As long as it isn't a, "Oh we can make so-and-so have a crisis with so-and-so because in episode 2 they had conflict with villian "a"! Market it! It's a game!" Crap like that makes less effective storylines usually.

I'll be there buying the games Jaffe! Just make them cool like you did with the first two! =) A premeditated storyline is a plus as well. =P

R34GTR4758d ago

Dont become another Capcom please. Milking your franchises for what they are worth.

Lets see MEGA MAN X-46475955858393273833038339

Description: Zero dies comes back dies comes back dies comesback dies comebacks and now he's a blender.

STREET FIGHTER 2.4947484585989550374807384073 4

Yupp you got it. We still cant count to 3.

Devil May Cry:

The devil already cried plenty of times and got over it. I think I may Cry if they make another one of these games. Part 1 was the last good one. Pure crapola after that.

Resident Evil:

Ok I know we all love it. But my god. Are they ever going to stop umbrella. Its a little sad actually. How many sequels does it take to bring down a company for gods sake. Makes me kind of wich Umbrella was Enron. That way they would of brought themselves down and I wouldnt have to buy 30 sequels and 1 million remakes of this game.

Rasputin20114757d ago

That RE4 was NOT based on Racoon city and Zombies....So RE4 was basically a completely different game....Did you even play the RE series?

Says you4758d ago (Edited 4758d ago )

Umbrella the corporation is just going to hide the facts thats why
the corporation calls themselve's Umbrella for a reason and plus they dont want raccoon civilians to know whats really going on and thats why there called umbrella.

Says you4758d ago

Its exclusive for the PS3.

Optimus Prime4758d ago

where the heck to you get the 360 out of this. You are the reason why there is so much flaming going on in the fourms.

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The story is too old to be commented.