AceGamez: Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure Review

Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure falls on just the wrong side of being a decent RPG, with far too many niggling issues for it to be recommended. The game is extremely repetitive and although this could be said for many RPGs, in one that only lasts five to eight hours it's even worse. The presentation is merely decent, with unimaginative designs for the characters, enemies and environments, while the battles depend far too much upon simple tactics. Anyone who has become used to a distinct level of quality in the genre on DS games - like Chrono Trigger especially - will be disappointed with this Rhapsody; even the target audience of the game - which is obvious by simply looking at the box art for a few seconds - is likely to find the lack of variety depressing, condemning the game to the bargain bins. With so many quality RPGs available for the DS, there's little point in playing one that simply doesn't live up to the standards of its competitors.

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