AceGamez: Bleach: Dark Souls Review

Geoff Holland: "Bleach: Dark Souls is a great 2D beat 'em up for hardcore fighting fans but I can't see it bringing in many new converts to the genre. If you're a fan of fighters then you'll almost certainly love the game and end up spending many hours exploring its voluminous depths, so you can add another point or two to the overall score, whereas those who only hold a passing interest in the genre should knock a point or two off. Dark Souls has a lot going for it - stellar presentation, a varied character roster, great usage of the touch screen, the customisable card deck, online multiplayer - but the daft story and slightly unresponsive controls that take a while to master and reach the level where your moves are really flowing make it one that's really only for fans of the genre, or the show, or both. Personally, I'm going to stick with Dead or Alive and Street Fighter when I'm hankering for a fisticuff fix."

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