Destructoid Review: Wildfire Wireless Controller

Destructoid writes:

"I'm a gamer. I've handled many different controllers during my lifetime -- many more third-party controllers than I would like -- and I've come to recognize what I identify as quality. A controller needs to feel good -- it needs to be shaped in a way that contours to my hands and gives me access to all the buttons. A controller needs to have responsive sticks and buttons so I can effectively riddle a Brute's head with bullets or jump across a chasm predictably. A controller also needs to be stylish, unobtrusive. And finally, a controller needs to work as advertised.

And yes, the Wildfire works. Datel's PlayStation 3 controller is essentially a Sony DualShock 3 with turbo (or 'rapid fire') functionality. It has a different look and feel from Sony's controller, but it packs the same kind of Bluetooth, rumble, and motion detection technologies out of the box."

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