Sony, MS, OnLive Weigh In On Tiered Internet Pricing

The nation's second-biggest cable company wants to change your Internet bill in a way that may make gaming a lot more expensive. But what do key gaming companies Sony, Microsoft and OnLive think? MTV Multiplayer asked them.

Time Warner Cable wants to start charging customers for the amount of Internet bandwidth they use. And despite a revision yesterday in how the company plans to charge consumers in some test markets this year, one thing hasn't changed: it looks like it's going to be getting more expensive to use broadband.

Gamers have expressed worry about being able to afford their hobby.

But game companies?

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Thoreau3477d ago

time warner is about to lose many customers

Kyur4ThePain3477d ago

You think nobody else is going to do this?
Trust me, if one ISP does it, they'll all follow sooner or later.

Mindboggle3477d ago

This is exactly why digital downloads will never become mass market for a long time....I dont really think gaming is to blame for ISP's to start charging stupid money, its everyone who is offering movies to download. Online gaming has been around for years and its never been a problem, until now when more people are doing video on demand, and downloadable movies. I would rather buy movies and games on disc's than pay those prices per month. I currently pay £7 per month....


We pay enough already,nevermind these so called 'tiers',although the idea is strangely familiar.It translates roughly to 'lets bleed the consumer a little more,surely it can't hurt them too much and besides,we think this will be good for the company in general'.The trend continues,im not surprised.I will pay it and love it,I have no choice.CHOICE,hmm........tell me more about this 'choice'.=)

CryWolf3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

When is verizon fio coming everywhere we need fiber to house like 2 years ago this is not right putting caps on broadband and now this charging us extra cash per Gigabyte for bandwidth this is just mean for any company to do. low of the lowest companys on earth, any third world countries don't have to pay this much for high speed internet and they have faster speeds then we do WTF up with that.

Thoreau3477d ago

all companies will do the follow the leader on this bullshat.