Prototype's target audience are a**holes

Not just any assholes, but "assholes of the highest order". Prototype's lead designer, Eric Holmes, thinks that the type of person interested in a game like Prototype is the same type of person that, well... isn't very nice.

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Vault Boy3480d ago

That's so true. My girlfriend is kind of a b!tch (and she'll admit that so don't get on my case for saying it) and she loves sandbox games. She always does the worst possible things she can think of.

Milk is for Babies3480d ago

Who cares if she's mean as long as she keeps you satisfied. Vault Boy could be a real prick too for all we know.

Vault Boy3480d ago

Gee, thanks. For the record I think I'm a pretty nice guy, unlike you.

Twizlex3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

I think the biggest difference is the level of violence, like, you actually tear people apart and spill guts all over the place. Otherwise, yes, it is very much like Hulk, just more "mature". Even so, why does it matter? Don't you ever buy sequels?

The Phantom Agree3480d ago

These have got to be the best comments i've ever read on N4G =D

Bubbles and Agrees for all of ya!!!

On topic
Well the question is Prototype or inFamous
Both look great, and they don't rip hulk off... they just.. borrow...ALOT :P

JokesOnYou3480d ago

"Of course, it could be easily argued that people are assholes in sandbox games because sandbox games are generally designed to let you be an asshole"

-Everybody likes open world games, because everybody likes to explore what can be done in a ficticious world, even a**holes. lmfao


fredy3480d ago

i sometimes say the same about plenty games, ever play force unleashed, def reminds me of infamous. there are others that fall in the same boat.

CaseyRyback_CPO3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Its like you want to avoid the obvious. The meeting went "hey, we have this game engine, what should we do with it?" "i dunno, make the hulk2?" "quiet johnson! thats too obvious.."
Its a blow em up for children who have nothing else to do in gaming this generation, with bad graphics.

Force unleashed was a great game, and as as much to do with infamous as bioshock has to do with killzone2.

Stop blindly defending everything, especially factual truth. Prototype advertises by saying "pwn everything!" literally.. Much like the hulk smash em up, you just blow stuff up until you get bored. and seeing as how this unremarkable developer hasn't done anything well... remarkable, prototype looks to be the same nonsense that the media latches on when they think of over the top meaningless violence, then wraps up all games under the same umbrella. You know, the same people that think manhunt is just like Shadow of the colossus. Its garbage gaming for kids. If you're 13 great, have at it. but dont pretend that this game isn't an exact carbon copy of the hulk, minus the OMG make your model turn into another low polygon model.

gigantic yawn. The only reason anyone is talking about prototype is because:


Prototype would be in the recycle bin if there was a Gears3/Halo4/Masseffect2/forza 3/pgr5/splinter cell/alan wake/huxley/warhounds/ anything else in the current events, and you know it. But for some people, its all there is to do until E3.

macalatus3479d ago


Damn, really made me laugh with that one! Just chill down a bit before you kill someone from over laughing! lol

Andor_Trask3479d ago

you sure do b1tch a lot about things that aren't even out yet. Calm down dude, I'm sure it will be a blast to play.

IaMs123479d ago

I think there is something wrong with that logic, Force Unleashed was released awhile ago before infamous, therefore wouldnt Infamous be taking from Force Unleashed?

BLuKhaos3479d ago

That's why it's called "Prototype", because it's the prototype for the next hulk game.:)

CommonSense3479d ago

good news for ps3 fanboys. that seems to be all they are.

iHEARTboobs3479d ago

lol, that was really lame.

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Cookigaki3480d ago

Cookigaki likes open world games and Cookigaki is very nice person. Cookigaki loves everyone, especially hot women.

Twizlex3480d ago

Yeah, but if guy movies have taught us anything it's that chicks like assholes.

L80BelfDK3480d ago

I don't like when chicks like literal assholes. Cosmopolitan is an evil magazine for suggesting it.

L80BelfDK3480d ago

Cosmo magazine suggests that girls surprise their boyfriends by a quick poke in the butthole. They say dudes are too afraid to ask for it but they all love it, which is totally wrong! Do not slip a finger in my butthole!

Twizlex3480d ago

You're joking, right? I hope you're joking. That's terrible advice. At the very least they should ask first.

h0tz0rz3480d ago

No, he's not joking. Cosmo has actually suggested that several times over the years. I remember saying something to my boyfriend at the time and he told me to cancel my subscription! So yeah, I'm guessing it's not good advice and I'm glad I didn't just try it like they said.

Milk is for Babies3480d ago

Yeah, I'm gonna weigh in on this one also and say "Ladies, don't touch my asshole."

LONEWOLF2313480d ago

AHAHAHA........thats the funniest thing ive read today BUBBLES TO all of you!

Cookigaki3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Ewwww..... Cookigaki only accepts girls putting fingers in butts if the butt is on another girl... and the butt is really a vagina... and the finger is really Cookigaki's penis... and both girls are hot.

kingme713480d ago

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this thread has gotten a little off topic.

Panipal20053480d ago

You people act like you've never heard of the prostate

Twizlex3480d ago

I'm well aware of the prostate. So are you saying a dude should let another dude give him a blowjob? Just because it physically feels good doesn't mean you want to do it. Fingers in the butt is simply outside of my comfort zone, and I REALLY don't think girls should go around poking buttholes without asking.

creeping judas3480d ago

Rimshot FTW!!!!

You guys need to relax a bit.

popup3480d ago

I went out with a girl once who's holes were both upside down and
round the wrong way and I never suspected a thing.

JHUX3480d ago

What I got from this story is F*ck Cosmo!

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kingme713480d ago

The problem with saying games reflect your personality is giving games alot more credit for morality than they deserve. You choose to be evil because of some personal character flaw or whatever is totally a bunch of baloney. Gamers make gaming decisions because they want to see how the game changes or rewards them with that decision. You push over the bus full of kids because you are playing the baddie and want to increase whatever bad meter you have or you just want to see the game blow the thing up.

Cookigaki3480d ago

Yes, Cookigaki agrees with this. Cookigaki does bad things in games just for fun and curiosity, not because Cookigaki really wants to hurt people.

MiloGarret3479d ago

Cookigaki is clearly nuts, sorry to say it mate, you crack me up anyways so keep it up, but... seek help man, haha.

On topic: I'm a bit of an asshole, but I'm not interested in this game at all... So they're missing the target audience, at least in my case.

DaTruth3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Whatever happened to Pizzagaki? Did he lose all his bubbles for being a rabid fanboy?

I lost a bubble the other day. YOU CAN'T HANDLE DATRUTH!!!!

Cookigaki3479d ago

Pizzagaki is a cheap imitator and needs to die. Pizzagaki appeared on n4g a few weeks after Cookigaki and wished to be as awesome and have as huge a boner, but he is not and does not. Cookigaki hates that people think Pizzagaki is related or alt account! Please spread word that Cookigaki has no relation to Pizzagaki!

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h0tz0rz3480d ago

Here's a story, Target Audience thinks Prototype developer is an asshole.

Twizlex3480d ago

Well, he got the game some more attention at least. No press is bad press, as they say.

Nelson M3480d ago

And on the T Shirt
It says
"I Bought Prototype for my Xbox "
"And i'm an AssHole "

Eiffel3480d ago

That joke sucked. Try to be funny next time.

You spamming your usual BS around N4G is pretty damn funny especially when you think you made any sense at all. Oh so funny!

mandf3480d ago

It should sell very well on 360.

L80BelfDK3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

OMG flamebait!!!!

MicroSony4Life3480d ago

Do you like fish sticks?

Do you like fish sticks in your mouth?

I guess that makes you a [email protected] fish.

Kanye baby

MicroSony4Life3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

are the gamers that bought gears and play kllzone?


As the great Kojima once said, your anal is measured by the size of your fist.

mandf3480d ago

MicroSONY4life how very childish to use namecalling. Xbox live is full of hate FACT. Deny it. I ask all that play xbox live to think about about their experience the good and bad. The number 1 complaint I have for live is jerks to say it nicely. A lot of people ruin it for everyone. What happened when we used to have fun? I beleive I rather no one have a headset. I know mute. whatever. hate as usual!

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