AtomicGamer: Guitar Hero: Metallica Review

AtomicGamer writes: "From the perspective of a Metallica fan that already owns a full set of World Tour or Rock Band instruments and wants to play together with friends, the purchase of GH: Metallica is a no-brainer. For someone who's just getting into music games, it's still a good starting point as the difficulty is just fine and Metallica's crisp sounds lend themselves well to a game like this - and yes, Lars Ulrich's drumming is a damn good reason to buy the full band kit, even if Hetfield's singing isn't much of a good reason for having the mic. The only people I really can't recommend the game to are those who thoroughly hated World Tour or those who are just incredibly sick of music games like it, but in that case I imagine they're not even reading this review. So, the chances are that if you've gotten this far, then Guitar Hero: Metallica is very, very likely to be worth your hard-earned cash".

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