GameSpot: Bionic Commando Updated Hands-On

GameSpot writes: "Based on our time with the game, compared to our past experience, the basics of swinging and jumping seem to be improved and the actions are easier to pull off. Wrong moves can still result in disaster for Spencer, but the controls are slightly more forgiving with the release point during your swing, and the game subtly automates how Spencer scales certain bits of scaffolding and buildings, so it feels like the game wants you to succeed, which is something we couldn't always say about previous iterations. In a game that relies so heavily on astonishing midair acrobatics, making those stunts attractive and relatively easy to pull off is a good thing. In addition, Capcom has made additional nods to the hardcore crowd by giving them an upgraded "commando" difficulty level and adding in the ability to replay completed levels so you can go back and work on your style. Look for more on Bionic Commando, including a look at the game's multiplayer modes, in the coming weeks".

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