Lair lacks customized lizards

Over at a place known only as The Slug, some gents got to take a flight around the skies of Lair, due out this summer. If you don't know what the game's about, just imagine Drakengard, but good. If that doesn't help, think Dynasty Warriors meets Panzer Dragoon. Still nothing? Hmm... go watch Dragonheart. Anyway, here's what The Slug had to say about their time with the game:

Environments and aerial combat looks great, even in the unfinished version
The flight controls are getting tighter, not to mention very easy to get used to. Flick the controller back to do a 180? Excellent.
Beyond some unlockable moves, the dragons will not be customizable.

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Siesser4767d ago

Did anyone actually expect to be able to design their own dragons? Never even occured to me as a feature to look for.

OC_MurphysLaw4767d ago

Customize a dragon? Hmm....ok whatever. I am cool with what they provide.

I will say this....for getting their hands on the was a rather sparse preview to say the least. I want more details about this game.

On the upside.this title seems to be holding up. Every preview I have read for the most part is giving it good praise.

techie4767d ago (Edited 4767d ago )

Yeah...what a weird thing to expect. Could you customize your cars in motorstorm other than colour? Could you customise lara croft or kratos? Could you customize your plane in Warhawk? Weird...why would that be a loss if it was never expected and never asked by anyone to factor 5 that they'd want that. Can't read peoples minds - these beasts are going to be crazy high-def amazing graphics, how would it make it look good to customize - and then they give a link to pete's dragon to prove that point lol (rant over)

but yes great - and hey people who have played lair are giving the sixaxis a good review - nice (like the Wii mote it needs proper implementation)

fenderputty4767d ago

I've gotten rather used to it while driving in motorstorm. I can't wait to fly a dragon with it. This game should be awesome. One that I'm looking forward to.

Scythesean4766d ago

umm the new PS3 warhawk you can edit your warhawk.... just a heads up.

Says you4767d ago

To be able to customize a dragon god is this guy ever happy not all games should have customize crap customizing is not a trend if this guy is trying to start a trend with customizing things in games he would have to be an extreme retard to think so.

Hymons4767d ago

But, could you please use at least some kind of punctuation in your post, other than the ending period?

It would be much appreciated.

Robotz Rule4767d ago (Edited 4767d ago )

.Resistance:Fall Of Man
.Heavenly Sword

Don't think I'm trying to hate,I also own a Xbox 360 and a Nintendo Wii and love all three very much,anyways I know Lair will deliver,I saw some details of the game on March's issue of PSM,amazing!

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The story is too old to be commented.