Aussie PS-Store games priced

Here's another quick story for our Australian readers. Wonder what the downloadable games will cost you? Sony has priced them and they are as follows:

Demos are free, of course
Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection -- A$16.95
Blast Factor -- A$8.45
GripShift -- A$8.85
Lemmings -- A$13.37

There are supposed to be more games due out upon launch, but they've not been confirmed/priced.

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Caxtus7504762d ago (Edited 4762d ago )

I have heard that PS2 USB peripherals such as Buzz and SIngstar mics will be compatible on the PS3 in Australia. Does anybody know if this is the same for the European models too? and if i bought singstar for the PS2 and played on a European PS3 -would the mics work?

(ps. i apologize for all my questions-but without a forum i am stuck)

thanks :)

I also thought Gripshift was missing launch as i am under the impression it is in the UK.