New Ace Combat 6 Screens

New screenshots from Ace Combat 6. Enjoy!

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sandip7874320d ago

this should be ace (no pun intended lol)

PS3Wii4320d ago

but it looks kinda boring to me.

MissAubrey4320d ago

It'll be the first namco game I bought in a long time! Does Galaga count?

Whoooop4320d ago

Damn you 360 owners

It looks really nice.. I've always like to hop on a F16 and blow [email protected]#t everywhere, with a nice surround system.

gogators4320d ago

out well. I would rather have net gen version of Crimison Skies, but Ace Combat has always been a decent IP.

ASSASSYN 36o4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

Give me both the official Xbox mag shows in a section dubbed x-files that crimson skies 2 which technically its 3 is being developed secretly in order to avoid stealing thunder from future titles.
It even has 2 pics.

gogators4320d ago

certainly did get me excited for the prospect of another Crimison Skies. I don't know when it could come out, as after Shadowrun, I would hope they will at least start on or begin finishing Mech Assualt. I really hope they only need to put a couple months finish on Mech Assualt and we'll all get a nice suprise in June/July when it's announced for early fall. At least one can hope. FASA has some nice IP.

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The story is too old to be commented.