MGU Review: Lubaja

First things first, how exactly are you supposed to pronounce the name of this game? Is it Loo-Ba-Ha? Loo-Barger? Loober-Ha? While you're still trying to ponder that one, another question then seems to come to mind, that being how do you actually play the game? While a general explanation of your task is given on each mode, it does take a short amount of time to determine exactly what's meant to be happening.

Lubaja consists of three modes: Match It, Clear It and Shoot Out. In all three modes, a ring of coloured circles will move around either clockwise or anti-clockwise (you can alter the direction with a quick press of the action button). Your task is to then press the d-pad to fire out further circles, so that they land in sections of the ring. Where you want them to land varies depending on the mode that you're playing.

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